Height: 190 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: His dreams of Hell built on the world.
Dislikes: Love and harmony.

Master of all magic elemental, Rungard has always dreamed about the domination of Earth by bringing to the surface his evil empire: Hell. His Hell is full of servant demons –souls trapped in eternal servitude for crimes they committed– and people screaming in agony –the ones that are not evil enough to deserve being a minion–. The reason behind his will is a voice which whispers to him, sharing its twisted, sick desires during Rungard’s whole life. He tried to fight against the voice’s control over him, but it would not relent: Rungard became his puppet, and the voice’s desires were soon his own. Rungard wasn’t an individual anymore, succumbing to madness and obeying the voice’s orders.

One day, the voice whispers to him about a rare, unknown being which gives immortality and power beyond comprehension: the Zishin. Rungard understood the voice’s intent: it wished this power to create the most absolute version of Hell, and have enough power to bring it to the mortal’s land, and spread destruction and chaos amongst all time immemorial. “Soon there will be a meeting where you’ll be given the chance to become Zishin’s controller”, the voice whispered. With a malicious grin, Rungard would make sure no being would stand between him and absolute destruction.

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