Height: 145 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: A
Likes: Listening to living things’ problems
Dislikes: Nothing (She believes disliking doesn’t really exist in Nature.)

Nagashapa is a shaman who has mastered the way of Shamanism and its hidden powers, vowing to only use them in favour of all living beings. She lives to serve the good of every creature, acting as mother nature’s caretaker.

Her good intentions have been disturbed recently, however. An ancient power of unknown origin is lurking the earth, seeking other similar powers. Nagashapa, worrying for the well being of life, has a great interest in knowing what is this power’s true intention.

When Nagashapa was young (a long time ago!), she made a pact with a guiding spirit. It always lived by her side, sharing with her the secrets of life and death. The spirit, however, was silent during her discovery of this unrecognized power. After days of silence, it finally spoke: “Follow the man that will appear tomorrow. We have a meeting to attend to.”

The mysterious man arrives and he intends to put her in direct combat with other living beings. Nagashapa refuses the offer and goes back to entertaining her spirits. The man scoffs at her passiveness, telling her that evil powers are also involved, and may present harm to the very beings she vowed to protect. Although it pains her very much, Nagashapa decides to abandon her peaceful ways temporarily. “I will stop those that spread evil, my children!” she says to her spirits, with a warm smile on her face. The spirits dance in commemoration and follow her through the rift from which the man came.

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