Height: 170 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: Punishing guilty
Dislikes: Injustice

Mirei is the twin sister of Kanae and the last member of noble Ozawa family. When she was a little child, her family and the locals of the village was killed by assassins. She was kidnapped and raised by assassins believing her parents being disloyal to the emperor. The assassins raised her with the idea of the clan is serving the emperor to bring peace and unification to her homeland.

Mire always heard voices in her head, talking about justice, aiding others in need and protecting the weak. These ideas became her reason for living and sometimes killing when it is necessary to protect. The voices in her head and the clan’s reasoning were a strong match and thus she was alright to live her life as it is.

One day, Mirei learnt her sister Kanae is also alive. She was raised by his father’s friend who was also declared as a traitor for the emperor’s will. She had several encounters with Kanae, but eventually failed to take her as a true enemy due to their blood-relation.

One day the voices in her head told her that a person with an unbelievable power is about to visit her. She should follow him to obtain that power to do more good for the world. But she was also informed that her sister will be on her way again.

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