Height: 169cm
Weight: 53 kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: Studying philosophy
Dislikes: Insincere, ignorant people

Kanae is the last member of infamous Ozawa family. When she was a little child, her family and the locals of the village was killed by assassins. Her badly wounded father carrying the sword of his ancestors took her to his friend and passed away afterwards. Her father’s friend was a great sword master and agreed to raise Kanae as his successor.

The ancestral sword had a broken tip and it became Kanae’s best friend during her trainings. There were times that she was caught talking to the sword. His father’s friend thought her everything he knew, but he was also aware of the fact that she had some special powers.

One day Kanae found her master also killed by the assassins. She wowed to cut and hunt down all of them. And then the sword talked to her again: “You need power to have your vengeance. You are not strong enough!”. But how would she find such a power?

Shortly after Kanae learnt her sister Mirei is also alive. But she was taken and raised by the assassins. So if they meet this would mean they will be rivals. She asks the sword what she can do. The sword tells her not to act and wait for tomorrow. Next day a stranger comes and offers her the power she dreamt. The sword says it is their time to follow the path of their destiny. A path to seek power at any cost!

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