Height: 169cm
Weight: 53 kg
Blood Type: O
Likes: Studying philosophy
Dislikes: Insincere, ignorant people

Kanae is the last member of the noble Ozawa family. When she was a small child, her family and village’s locals were murdered by assassins. Her father, though fatally wounded, carried Kanae in one arm and the sword of his ancestors in another. He took them to a friend of his whom he trusted and perished shortly afterwards. This friend was a great sword master who, upon considering Kanae’s situation and contemplating her father’s demise, decided to raise her as his successor and apprentice.

The sword had a very distinct feature: its tip was broken. It became Kanae’s best friend during training, and she was occasionally caught speaking to the sword, distracted from her lessons. Her master taught her everything he knew, while also being aware that she had powers that far surpassed those of a common swordsman.

After growing up, Kanae discovers that her sister, Mirei, is also alive; however, Mirei was taken and raised by the same assassins that slaughtered her family and village. Even though they crossed paths –and blades– several times as rivals, both failed to see each other as true enemies, due to their blood ties and respect for their beloved father.

One day, Kanae found her master dead. The cuts he had were not an unknown sight to Kanae: they were the same deep wounds she saw her parents receive. She vowed to kill the assassins, to hunt down and slash each one of them like they did to those she once called family. At this moment the sword began speaking to her: “You need more power to have your vengeance. You are not strong enough!” But how, and where, would she find such power?

Her heart filled with hatred, she asks the sword what she can do. It responds: “Do not act rashly. You must be patient and wait for tomorrow.” On the following day, a stranger arrives, offering her the power she wishes for revenge. The sword speaks once more: “It is time, Kanae… to follow the path of our destiny. A path to seek power at any cost!”

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