Height: 165 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood Type: Not human blood
Likes: Playing with bloodkin children.
Dislikes: Humans.

Jaman is the champion of his half-beast-half-human race known as the “Bloodkin”. In the past, his people put fear in humans, who condemned them as the spawn of evil. The humans forced them to escape to the depths of the earth, resulting in their secluded lifestyle. This exclusion of the Bloodkin caused them to harbour an immeasurable hatred against all humans. As a consequence, they developed deadly forms of assassination and challenged each other to prove their worth. This is how Jaman came to be; he was raised as the fruit of all of their violent desires, created to be the ultimate killing machine, to be their definitive vengeance against humankind.

Amongst his warrior brothers and sisters, Jaman was special: his natural claws were able to speak to him, unlike the others. The claws’ voice was spiteful and furious, its words full of intense hate, driving Jaman to a maddening rage whenever he faced his opponents. This uncontrollable fury has caused Jaman to slay many, including challengers of his own kin!

One day, a human appeared before him in the depths, arriving from a portal. Strangely, the claws spoke none of its usual menacing words, and neither did Jaman. For the first time, he felt calm while staring at a human! He asked the man: “You don’t… feel human. Are you ally?” The strange man responded: “What or who I has no importance. The power within me is the one that holds interests in you. This is your chance to obtain the power you seek to fulfil your dreams. Please follow me.” Without any anger, the claws spoke: “Follow”. Jaman obeyed while shouting a feral war cry.

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