Height: 165 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood Type: Not human blood
Likes: Playing with bloodkin children.
Dislikes: Humans.

Jaman is the champion of his half beast, half human race known as the “Bloodkin”. In the past, his people were feared by humans and driven to the depths of earth by force. This withdrawn life caused the Bloodkin to raise a deep hatred against all humans. Jaman is the fruit of this long sown hatred seeds… He is the ultimate war machine to have vengeance upon humans.

Jaman was always special between his warrior brothers and sisters. His natural claws were talking to him unlike the others. Its words were full of hatred and driving Jaman to the rage whenever he faced his opponents. This uncontrollable rage caused Jaman to kill many, even sometimes his kin!

One day a human appeared before him in the galleries. Strangely, the words of hatred didn’t come out this time. Jaman was calm for the first time when he met someone looking human! He asked “You don’t feel human, are you ally?”
The man answered: “It doesn’t matter what am I. The power within me interested in you. Please follow me, this is your chance to gain the power to fulfill your dreams.” The voice only said: “Follow”. Jaman obeyed.

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