Height: 186cm
Weight: 82 kg
Blood Type: O
Likes: Slap training with marble
Dislikes: Magic

“Efe” is the name given to the honourable warriors of the Ottoman Empire. His real name is Ahmet, and his position in the Padishah’s army is very special, as Efe possesses incredible strength and endurance, surpassing even the strongest warriors in the Empire. The reasons as to why he wields these powers are unknown; some speculate he has the touch of God, while others affirm he has magical powers. Although he hates magic of any kind, he is aware of the mysterious voice which whispers into his mind the weaknesses of his opponents, guiding him through his battles.

One day, a stranger arrives with a message: there is a way to obtain a much greater power than Efe currently holds. But first, he has to prove he is the strongest warrior alive. As a humble servant, believer and defender of the Ottoman Empire, Efe ponders the possibility. The day of the Empire’s demise was coming closer by the moment, as their enemies were using insidious tactics, instead of engaging in fair, honourable fights in the battlefield. The answer became clear in his mind: Efe would use any opportunity available to revert the tides of his future. With this absolute resolve, Efe accepts the offer and follows the mysterious man through rifts in time…

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