Height: 186cm
Weight: 82 kg
Blood Type: O
Likes: Slap training with marble
Dislikes: Magic

His name is Ahmet and Efe is a title for honorable Ottoman warriors. His position in the Padishah’s army is very special. For some unknown reasons, Efe possesses incredible strength and endurance compared to even the best warriors fighting along with him. Some say he has the touch of God, and some say he has some magical powers. Even he personally hates any kind of magic, he is well aware of the voice talking to him during his battles. This voice aids him and tells him about the weaknesses of his opponents.

One day, a stranger comes and tells him about a greater power that he may gain. To obtain it he must fight to prove that he is the strongest. As a humble servant of the Ottoman Empire, Efe is seeing the empire is crumbling. Their enemies are using insidious tactics instead of engaging fair fights in the battle field. To help his homeland Efe would use any opportunity available. So Efe accepts and follows him.

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