DUAL SOULS: The Last Bearer

Get ready for intense one-on-one fighting.

Dual Souls (DS) is a reboot of the original title (Dual Blades) was released back in 2001 for Nintendo Gameboy
Advance handheld (sold in US and JP territories). GBA version featured large, colorful fighters and
deep/technical/strategic fighting game system which received reviews about it is being an interesting
mix of other 2d fighting games.

However, Dual Souls includes a lot of changes and additional features over its spiritual ancestor not
only in fighting system department but in new game modes, new fighters and new ideas which is
newly introduced to the fighting game genre.

Inspired by classic fighting game series like Street Fighter 3, Last Blade, Samurai Shodown and Guilty
Gear, Dual Blades’ main goal is to be a rich online-experience enabled, fast, easy to access and
tactical fighting game.


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