Height: 181 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: Taking risks
Dislikes: Uncertainty

Brandon O’Brien is a restless young swordmaster who is constantly after new adventures. For Brandon, life is full of hidden jewels which he feels an urge to discover. His hunger for adventure was never truly understood by anyone around him, and his behaviour was mocked various times by people around him, who chastised his apparent aloofness. Not wanting to feel inferior, Brandon devoted his mind and body to running, becoming the fastest track runner in his town. As a lifelong fan of adventures in medieval fantasy, he decided to take lessons in sword fighting, becoming the best competitor of Manhattan.

What nobody knew was that ever since his childhood, Brandon heard a voice that told him to search and discover everything around him. It incentivised Brandon to pursue absolute freedom, which let him to push himself beyond his limits and feel like he was able to control his own destiny. Whenever he did what the voice asked, he’d feel an abnormal burst of speed and attention. He connected this to the voice and feels as it is his reason for living, feeling very happy that he’d finally had someone that understood him.

One day he learns from Evan, a lifelong friend of his who is a researcher, that a mysterious power called “Zishin” exists. According to Evan, it grants immortality to its owner, and powers which have limits unknown as of yet. “So,” Brandon thinks, “this can be my ultimate adventure!” Happy with his friend’s excitement –a feeling he often saw Brandon express with true happiness–, Evan remarks: “You know what they say, Brand’O: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”
Strangely, from a sudden rift in space, a man arrives and invites Brandon to test his skills against other warriors to obtain the power he seeks. “So, we’re gonna go everywhere for this, right? Cool locations, awesome discoveries, that sorta deal?” Observing the man’s positive nod, Brandon affirms, brandishing a wide smile while unsheathing his sword: “Yup, I ain’t got any more questions. Let’s rock!”

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