Height: 181 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: Taking risks
Dislikes: Uncertainty

Brandon O’Brien is a gifted, restless young sword master who is constantly after new adventures. For him, life is full of hidden jewels which he feels an urge to discover. His hunger for adventure was never truly understood by anyone around him. Since his childhood, he was hearing a voice, telling him to search and discover everything around him. Listening to its instructions during his whole life, Brandon figured out this voice is actually the voice showing him the meaning of his life. So he feels quite happy about it.

One day he learns from a researcher friend of him about the existence of some mysterious power called “Zishin”. He learns that it grants immortality to its owner and no one knows almost anything about its other potential powers. So, this may be Brandon’s ultimate adventure!

Strangely, a man comes out of nowhere and invites him to test his skills to obtain the power he seeks. Brandon follows him with no questions…

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