Height: 192 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood Type: AB
Likes: His Templar brothers
Dislikes: Dull armours

Duke Andre is the hero of his village’s castle, and many of his Templar Knight brothers, as well as peasantry and nobility alike, look up to him. However, his hometown is being sieged by a race of half-beast-half-human warriors. Andre believes these creatures to be pawns of a much greater evil, who remains unknown as of yet. “In dark times like these, only a miracle can help”, remarks Andre, feeling the dreadfulness of the situation. However, miracles take a lot of will and faith to happen…

Andre, being a Templar Knight, is a man that has both. He hears a voice that speaks to him in a warm tone, guiding him through his many battles and ultimately incentivizing him to become a Templar. Andre believes it to be God’s voice, giving him faith and will which surpass those of any other human. One time, Andre faced against a swordsman who mocked his faith by throwing a rose at him and saying: “Would you always do what your God says, even if it means cutting a harmless rose?” After winning the combat, Andre decided to adopt the gesture, carrying a rose that his mother gave him, as to question his opponents how far they would go against his faith.

One day, after fighting against an ambush from the diabolical men, the voice told Andre to follow the man who will appear shortly. The man arrives through a rift in space and invites Andre for his final test of faith and skill, in other to obtain the power he seeks to break the siege. Feeling the warmness of God’s voice in his heart, Andre readies his sword and shield, determined to fight for his brothers and for his will.

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