Height: 186 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Blood Type: A (before Zishin).
Likes: To remember memories of childhood.
Dislikes: Zishin.

Alperen is an immortal warrior who is also known as “The Last Bearer of Zishin”. Zishin is an intelligent and mysterious being whose exact motivations are unknown. In 1402, Zishin found its last and also most talented host: Alperen. This Turkish warrior fought with courage which Zishin never came across before. But after a life of 2168 years, countless wars and immeasurable destruction, Alperen’s soul is crying for his rest. He realized that eternal life was not a gift… Zishin became his greatest curse!

One day, Zishin spoke to him: “It is time.”
“Time for what?” asked Alperen.
“The reunion will take place. We must go.” Zishin replied.
“Go? There is no place to go! Can’t you see what we did to this world?”
Just then, a portal opened before Alperen. He saw a view from the old world, where a woman was standing in the distance.

“We will invite others so that the gathering can take place. You will then find your rest.”

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